Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cleanse And Detoxes

I understand the concept of the cleanses and detoxes and what people want to accomplish with it. But just because that's what they want to do doesn't mean that's what's going to happen. Cleanses and detoxes and extended periods of fasting is dangerous, it's not natural, and your body will not react well. There are no short cuts to weight loss or to a long life.

Ultimately if you want to cleanse your system out or detox it, you have to clean all the toxins out of your blood and organs. Not to try to flush water through your digestive tract. And really there is no way to clean your blood, you can't rinse it out. Unless you want to try to completely pull all the blood out of your body and replace it with new blood, which would probably kill you in the process. You are probably better off donating blood to get rid of high amounts of toxins in your body more than anything else. All the hype about cleanses and detox is just that, hype. All the gunk you see come out of you is the gunk you drank in the first place.

But to clean your system out, takes gradual change. There is no quick way to do it unless like I said you drain your whole body of blood and replace it with new blood. So the safe and long lasting way is through lifestyle changes, eating habit changes, drinking more water, stress management, different product choices, limiting harmful chemicals, knowing the sources of your food, etc. You are working to change a small percentage of yourself at a time.

I won't throw the whole baby out with the wash though. There has been health benefits to intermittent fasting. Meaning not for extended periods and very infrequent. It's also the same benefits you get from a small portioned diet as well.
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