Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I always tell my clients, cheating is allowed. But usually how I mean it is, you should do everything so efficiently it should feel like your cheating. For example a move called the Kettlebell Swing. It's the idea of moving weight, not lifting weight. You have to use inertia and momentum as your allies. When done correctly you should be able to move a lot of weight, quite easily. It should feel like cheating.

Even with eating, once you figure out the right combinations of food and what foods are good and not good, it should also feel like cheating. That you can eat as much as you want and still not gain weight.

This brings me to the idea of having a cheat list. Meaning all the bad stuff you want to eat throughout the week, instead of saying "oh man I can't eat it." Just write it all down. Every craving you have. Then designate one day out of the week where you just binge on all the foods that you wanted on that list. Making sure you also get a good work out in that morning and you drink plenty of water and eat fiber as well. Why this is important is, then you won't feel like a crazy person never getting to eat what you want. Also you are doing controlled binges so your body is still used to that. And there is no way your body can absorb all that food in one day, so the damage is minimal.

I say, you want it? Instead of eating it, write it down. If after a week, you still want it, then have it. You will find though with a lot of things, after a week you realize you never really wanted it that bad. So it also breaks the habit of instant gratification.
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