Sunday, January 9, 2011

Women Bulking Up

I have talked about this before but it's worth mentioning again because for a lot of women have this fear. To wake up looking like a body builder. Or they have to avoid certain work outs, or train differently because they are a women.

When I train my male athletes, I don't train them specific for them being a man, I train them specific for a goal. It's not gender specific. That's how most male athletes train. Not specific to their gender, but specific to a goal. For a lot of women, if a man does that work out, they need a completely different one. I see online all the time for women's work outs, women's health, fat burning work outs for women. Fat burning is fat burning and is not gender specific. It's like wanting to learn math, but because a lot of men are taking the class, they want a specific math for women's course. In a way that concept is insulting. A work out is a work out, men AND women should be able to do it. The work out doesn't care what gender you are. Somehow a body weight lunge is specific for a women and heavy squat is specific for a man? Like the weights or the movements care? The movement is based on physics and function not on sex. You break down work outs and they are just pushing and pulling movements. There is no way science will determine the act of pushing or pulling is specific for a man. That is...stupid. It's all about perception. They see men do something a lot, its a male act, women do it it's a women's act. Swimming from end to end of a pool for a competition is male, whereas swimming in the middle of a pool like in synchronized swimming is a female act? It's just perception because of the people who dominate that activity, not the activity itself. Do not mistake the participants FOR the activity. Let's say a lot of gay men combed their hair. Combing your hair still is not a gay activity. A lot of men lift heavy, but heavy lifting is not a male activity.

To be honest a trainer really has no idea what a work out for a women is supposed to be (even a female trainer). They just give you what they think you want: low weight, high reps, focus on abs, a lot of thigh exercises, and it' to be easy but very aerobic. Because somehow someone said that's a girls work out (and it was created by being exact opposite of traditional work outs of being heavy, low reps, etc.) except that men and women both have same muscle tissue and same amount of limbs and function and move in the same way. So why work out differently? That's just nonsense. There is no proof that's specific for women nor is there any proof it's more effective at fat burning than a universal work out, actually research shows it's much less effective.

Ah so where does this concept come from? It's because they see men who get very large, muscular, and bulky and attribute it to their work out style. It's not. It comes down to 2 simple things. Men have way more testosterone and less estrogen. And the men who want to get bigger will eat more. That's it. Women will never have the testosterone (without aid of anabolics) to get like that. And unless you are eating like a horse, you shouldn't get any bigger either. In fact you take any large muscular man, ask him to do his normal work out, except restrict his diet to say how much a 140lb women would likely eat. And lower his testosterone and increase his estrogen I will guarantee in a short matter of time no matter how manly his lifting is, he will shrink and start to look like a women. If a women starts to see more muscles, it's not necessarily they got bigger or more muscular, its that they lost the subcutaneous layer of fat that used to cover up their muscles. A work out can only do so much, you see how hard it is to lose weight with working out alone, imagine how hard it is to gain weight with working out alone? It's diet, genetics, and hormones that paint the rest of the picture.

The truth is, someone more muscular burns a lot of calories just existing. Muscles is the enemy of fat and bulk, not the friend. Food is the friend of size.

Men don't limit themselves in these ways. Why should women? To do this would be to set limits on themselves When is it a male thing to be powerful? In any setting. Don't fall for the marketing tricks. There is a saying: after a while the victim victimizes themselves. DO NOT be your own worst enemy. 
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