Friday, January 28, 2011

Why We Get Fat

So I think this is a good moment to go over why we get fat. Now this is not the absolute law as their are conditions and other factors, but this is generally how it happens.

Our blood sugar rises when we intake food. More food, more blood sugar. Which isn't always a bad thing as long as the body has enough time to deal with the blood sugar. You see high blood sugar is toxic to the body and it will kill you (being too low is also dangerous). It's what diabetics fear. But not to worry, our bodies are so perfectly engineered. We release insulin to bring down the blood sugar and bring balance to our bodies. Now insulin can only handle so much at a time. So as to not be overwhelmed it will start to store the excess blood sugar into fat. Over time with high blood sugar, our cells become resistant to insulin. Which then forces our body to produce more, more sugar gets stored into fat, and it becomes a vicious cycle and we get fat.

It's all about how much and how fast. So foods that are processed, foods with high glycemic index will cause a rapid insulin response. Now having said all that, like I've said before nothing in our body is bad, it's only when things get out of balance its bad. Having fat is not a bad thing, it's the overabundance of it that is bad.
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