Friday, January 7, 2011

Fads Have No Quality Control

There is a reason why your favorite magazine, even those concerned with health and weight loss are not scientific journals. Same could be said to a lot of books and TV shows that cover health and weight loss. They are not scientific,and do not have any quality control over content.

Look at the cover of some magazines saying the secret to weight loss is this! Then 3 months later they contradict themselves and say the secret to weight loss is that! Now the reader glossing over magazines periodically doesn't even realize the magazine has contradicted itself. Not only that but the writers aren't scientists or health experts. This is also true for books, written most often by celebrities or celebrity trainers.

On TV shows and talk shows, they will bring on an expert who is only an expert because they wrote one of these articles or one of these books. Then a few shows later they will bring someone else who contradicts the other expert. Never bringing in a discussion on who is right or who is wrong.

This happens because of the goal. The goal isn't to find truth, the goal is to get buyers, viewers, sell a book, sell a DVD, make money. Who would watch someone or buy something or read something if it said the same things all the time. Work out more, eat less. What's new about that?

Fads will come and go and come back. Different people will tell you to do this or that. Different people will ask me if this works or they heard that works. Just remember that even the magazine or show doesn't know what works either. We are inundated with information and instead of empowering it makes us feel helpless.

Just stick to the basics. Throughout my life in martial arts, my teachers have always taught me one principle. Your art should fit into the palm of your hand. It should be simple and based on a few concepts. Whatever you do make sure it's simple and based on science.
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