Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can We Blame Genes For Everything?

In a previous post I stated that sometimes it's just genetics. But that is just also part of the equation and meant we all have a designed body and frame. This does not mean we can't lose weight, get lean, or reach our goals. The thing people too often say is, that their parents are fat so they are predestined from birth to also be fat because they have "fat genes."

Let me give you some examples to think about. People who have lung cancer also have parents who have lung cancer. Parents who smoke also have kids who smoke. Is this genetics or passing down of habits? Fat parents most often have fat kids. But fat parents also have fat pets. Does this mean they gave their dogs their "fat genes?" Or is it most likely they overfed their kids and their pets. Most likely they passed down their poor eating habits to their children.

Even if genetics is a factor, there are so many other variables involved that it is nowhere near the explanation of the total picture. You may not have the genes to be a body builder but you still have the genes to be fit. Your lineage survived this long for a reason.
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