Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Accounting In Fat Loss

In accounting there are terms called FILO and LIFO. What they mean in is First In Last Out and Last In First Out. Typically meaning the inventory or money that first came in is the last thing to go out. The last thing that came in will be the first thing to go out.

This is true with fat loss. People make a lot of money and sell all sorts of things to make you believe you can burn fat off of a specific area, or as its often called spot burn. It's a myth, you can't do it. Our bodies aren't built like that nor would you want it to be like that. It would be inefficient, and if we did have bodies like that we would die off very quickly.

FILO. So in our bodies, wherever we gain inches, weight, fat first is the last area to lose weight. And the last area you gain weight will be the first area you lose weight. Imagine an oil drum, the first area to be filled would be the bottom, so if you drop a hose into the barrel to siphon the oil out, the last area to have oil removed would be the bottom, first being the top.

You can spot grow muscles in an area, but that is different from spot burning but people treat it the same. You can't pick and choose where you burn fat. You can't just burn fat off your arms without burning fat off the rest of your body. Just like you can't burn fat off of one leg without the other. If anything your attempt to try to burn fat off of one leg over the other would make it actually larger than the other leg because you have grown muscle in that area. Hence right handed people have larger right arms and legs because the muscles are bigger.

So spot burning would be equivalent of taking a hose, putting it in the middle of the barrel and siphoning oil out, hoping to just empty the middle. It won't work that way, it's all or nothing and it's always in a specific order.

Fat is just stored energy. If you work only a specific area, your body doesn't care what area is being worked nor should it. It will pull the energy from it's whole body the way it first received it. It would be inefficient if it only tried to draw energy from the area that is being worked. Imagine then areas that people use all the time being completely drained of fat, how would our ancestors ever survived? And if energy is used based on area, some areas would have too much energy, other areas would be completely emptied. Then what would happen? Would that area just die off? You just spot burn all the fat off of your arm until what? You can't use your arm anymore? Or your arm just drains of blood, the nerves die, and your arm falls off? That would be an evolutionary disaster. You are more likely to control fat in your arms through diet than arm exercises. And if you do rely on exercises, working out your legs would burn more fat in your arms than working out your arms.

We don't, we can't spot burn. If a human being could it would be a genetic disorder and would be a nightmare to try to keep them alive. We do grow muscles in overused areas by form of adaptation, to lessen our energy consumption and make that activity more efficient and less taxing. That's what's amazing about our bodies. We often eat and work out in ways though that are counter-intuitive to our evolution and prolonged survival.
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