Thursday, December 16, 2010

Genetics Has A Lot To Do With It

I used to go to this big commercial gym. I would see the same guys there every day lifting, drinking shakes, drinking gallons of water. They are there religiously, I'm sure you all have seen them too. Every gym has them. Some look in great shape, but most look just...okay.

At this commercial gym, this homeless guy used to come in. He had a cheap plan and it allowed him to come in and clean up. He lifted weights sometimes but mostly he just slept. Why I bring this up is; though he didn't eat or sleep well or work out often he had the body of an Adonis. He looked like a body builder, without doing anything. Actually he was hurting his body with his lifestyle, imagine what he would look like with the right nutrition and training? And yet those guys who were there every day drinking their shakes and lifting mass amounts of weights will never look like him.

You can train strength, skills, even talent can be cultivated. But for the most part how you look, you exterior is determined by genetics. It can surely be optimized but after a certain point it just is what it is. If this were not the case, there would be no use of steroids or surgery to get the right look. Some guys no matter what they do can never be as big or as cut as the next guy so they use a drug or get surgery. Same with the ladies who want the perfect abs, buns, chest, etc. It's just the truth, I don't care what any trainer, dietician, celebrity, DVD, or ab commercial tells you.

We can push the limits of our performance and our athleticism but we can't push the limits of our looks. And ultimately why should we? It only makes us mentally weaker. Just get lean and strong and be happy with that.
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