Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fueling Our Bodies

A popular trend in a lot of diets athletes are using lately is eating one big mega meal a day. There are several different diets that do this with several different hokey names. The idea is that our ancestors, from cavemen to warriors. They typically just ate one large meal a day. Sure the meal was by design was all organic, raw, and sometimes cooked foods.

So a lot of athletes are doing this now. Why? Because they are working out so much and burning so many calories they want to eat in a way to either maintain their weights, or even gain weight.

So eating one mega meal a day will not only load up their body with calories, but they can't absorb all of it at once forcing their bodies to store all the excess carbs. Not only that because you are only feeding it once a day, the body learns not to burn and to slow down it's own metabolism. This gives the athlete energy stores for their 2nd or third work outs for the day.

I do not recommend or condone this diet but I use it to make the opposite point. The enemy of them maintaining or gaining weight is doing the opposite. Which is to basically graze and eat small meals a day. For them they would emaciate themselves because that would supercharge their metabolisms and their bodies would keep burning up fuel.

I am pretty lean. For me it makes more sense to eat a few large (really large) meals a day. Days when I eat small amounts throughout the day is when I notice on the scale I lost a few pounds. Someone who wants to lose weight needs to do the opposite and constantly eat a little throughout the day.

Eating once and starving yourself is counter-intuitive. Whatever you thought was right about weight loss and exercise may be wrong. Be open to that idea, and the idea that anything that makes your body suffer is good for you.
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