Saturday, October 16, 2010

Training and Living Tips

I just attended a work shop on Olympic lifting (the sport of weightlifting) and coaching where I learned a lot of new things and got reminded of a lot of old things. I will bullet point the important things here.

  • Homeostasis - Your body will always try to return to a form that spends the least amount of energy (least muscular and athletic) unless it is constantly being challenged.
  • General Adaptation - Body adapts quickly to challenges though. Examples are creating more red blood cells in high altitudes. Getting stronger while resistance training.
  • Working out 3 times a week - Is a myth started by gyms in this country originally that were only open 3 times a week. A beginning athlete needs more time to recover so 3 times a week is good at the start but as the athlete develops he needs less restoration time and can bump his training up depending on the individual. Elite athletes sometimes train 31 times a week. Imagine what progress they would have made at 3 days a week.
  • Digestive Adaptability - Eat a wide variety and balance of foods. Try to get in more than 27 different vegetables and fruits a day. This will help your stomach and your system train to gain more nutrients from the foods you eat. Notice how some people naturally can eat junk and still put on muscle because their digestive system is so efficient it can grab nutrients from almost anything?
  • General Physical Preparation - Have an active lifestyle, play as many sports as you can, move and try new things.
  • Strong Core - When someone pats your back it should sound like a melon.
  •  Eating Prior to Training - You want to give yourself a good 2 hour window before working out after you eat. If you have an early morning work out make sure to get up 2 hours ahead to eat.
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