Monday, October 25, 2010

I Am Not Supposed To Tell You This But...

As a fitness professional I am supposed to tell you that you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise enough. Sorry that's not true. Exercise is part of the equation of being fit and healthy but what you eat, your fuel source is just as important as the engine. Exercise, food, stress management then creates a bigger overall picture, called our lifestyle.

One of the things I have been seriously intrigued by was the idea of doctors. I have had a series of doctor clients. They chose me because I "made the most sense" in things I was saying, as one doc put it. One of the doctors had a specialty in nutrition and weight loss. Actually he is well known for it. The thing I didn't understand was, why he needed extra education in that? Why did he need more acronyms after MD?

I read other material, watched documentaries on nutrition, and all the expert doctors also had a series of acronyms behind their names pertaining just to nutrition. I like most people assumed MD encompassed everything, including nutrition but after further research you find that there is little to no training in nutrition in medical school. I had one thing to say. WTF. Their training in physical exercise is basically nonexistent.

Our bodies and health is truly in our own hands. I myself as a trainer can only serve as a guide, it's a collaboration. I can't do it for you. You see ads or websites for people who help you train to lose weight, guide you in life, get fit and healthy, work out weight loss programs, all guaranteeing this or that. It's the same as a pill guaranteeing you something. It's false. Only you can guarantee anything for yourself. All I as a fitness professional can do is motivate you, help you, support you, and show you a way.
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