Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Dangerous Trend

Recently my father was diagnosed with cancer. Last year one of my sisters passed away from cancer. I was on a plane ride home coming back from seeing my father and the lady sitting next to me and the flight attendant both had someone with cancer at that very moment as well.

It caused me alarm because cancer though not a virus or a plague seemed like an epidemic. The top 3 killers are heart disease (and other obesity related vascular diseases), cancer, and diabetes. None of which are contagious diseases yet it is becoming more common and spreading. Not only as a personal trainer, but a former Suma Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate, I need evidence and have a habit of looking for patterns. It used to be believed that all 3 of these diseases were hereditary. Now it is commonly accepted amongst scientists and medical professionals that it is actually based more on environment and lifestyle. An easy example is if a parent adopts a child, both smoke, both develop lung cancer. There is no heredity being passed along, but there is a lifestyle that is being passed down from on generation to another. Heredity is still there but amounts to less than 15%.

Heredity plays a role. Physical activity also plays another role. Environment and pollution and contaminants another. But the thing that binds cancer, diabetes, and heart disease together from a health professional's perspective is diet. Overeating, too much processed and refined foods, too much bad fats, food with high glycemic index, and carcinogens and contaminated nonorganic foods. All 3 diseases are affected by insulin. This form of eating causes insulin spikes and drops. Which affects our bodies in very bad ways. Inflammation, weight gain, lowered immune system, blood pressure, cancer growth, etc.

It is difficult to be healthy when your planet is sick. We must educate ourselves, try harder, take our health more serious and start to do something. And once we start to do something, don't stop. Ever.
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