Friday, June 11, 2010

A Common Misperception

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights or lifting heavy will not make you big. Let me repeat lifting weights and lifting heavy WILL NOT make you big or buff. The reason body builders are so large isn't so much how they lift, it's in how much they eat. To get larger you have to create a calorie surplus. If anything, the more you lift and more muscles you create, the more calories your body naturally burns. That means that to get large, not only do you have to not cut down what you're eating, but you have to eat more than before to create a surplus in your body because now it is so efficient in calorie burning. A body builder who didn't eat more and more, would look something like Bruce Lee who was at most 135lbs.

So before you give up on doing any leg exercises or arm exercises in fear of making those areas larger, more muscles will burn more fat in those areas. And if you do notice you are seeing more muscles on your body, it's not because you got bigger, but because you shed some of the layer of fat that was hiding your muscles.
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