Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Long Should You Work Out For?

I always get perplexed when someone tells me how many days a week they worked out and then how many hours a day they work out... What difference does it make how many hours? And in a bigger sense, how many days? No true athlete trains in a static schedule, its as organic as them!

When I train my clients, sessions can be anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. Why? It's based on effort, not on time (it will never be less than 30 mins because there always needs to be time set aside for prehabilitation - injury prevention and stretching). I will keep stressing that. Some people might say, they want their money's worth and to train for a full hour, that's fine but you won't get the gains you want.

If someone gave me all their effort and was completely spent within 30 mins, if we continue to train more, we will just get a negative return on their energy output level. We will just deteriorate your body. Not only that but in the long run pushing them past than point will just make them hate training. Also different intensities and times adds spice to your work outs, and it won't seem robotic. It should feel like someone is monitoring you and how hard you work out does affect outcome. Feeling like, no matter how hard you try or how you feel does not affect outcome is a terrible feeling and means there might as well be no one supervising you. YOU CAN INEFFICIENTLY TRAIN ALL BY YOURSELF!

So what if you worked out 6 days a week, 2 hours a day. It could mean you are in really great shape, or you are really lazy and take a lot of breaks and don't push yourself very hard (and probably like to talk about or can't decide what machine to use, or worst yet there's a line!).

Some weeks I train 7 days a week. Some weeks I train 3 days a week, it's all based on my level of intensity and what I am trying to accomplish that week or month.

You have to set small goals, get constant feed back, and worry about technique and method as much as result. This is the secret to quick gains.
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