Friday, January 22, 2010

Fitness Level Rankings

If you were to organize personal fitness into belt rankings like you do for the martial arts, this is what it would look like. As you will see, there are a lot of parallels between fitness and martial arts.

White Belt - Like 99% of most gym goers, a white belt is a white canvas. Unsure of what exercises to do, how to reach their goals, how to perform exercises properly, how to eat, how to stay motivated, how to maximized their time and effort, how to see results. Just like in the martial arts, the white belt also has a little ego, thinks they came in with knowledge...

Blue Belt - Knows a lot of exercises and how to do them well. Learning discipline and how to stay focused on their goals. This is where most people will plateau. This is where it's dangerous, where they have the most ego, know just enough to think they know it all.

Purple Belt - Knows most exercises and how to do them properly. Also knows the concepts of working out so when shown a new exercise, they can immediately do them with good form. Knows the fundamentals of diet and how to reach their goals. This is the hardest level to reach...

Brown Belt - Has an iron will. Knows most exercises, and can teach a beginner how to do them. Understands the concepts of breath control and form. Understands how to use diet to shape the body or increase performance. Does not quit or give up. Does not need a lot of equipment or time to have a total body work out, and always pushes it hard each time.

BLACK BELT - The end goal that every person wanting to be healthy should ultimately achieve. The combination of mind, body, and spirit to achieve: health, vitality, and longevity. Has no ego, will learn from anyone. The true athlete. Only trains with all out effort.

Now leave your egos at the door. Tie your belt right and let's get started!
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