Monday, January 18, 2010

The Class Lines In Fitness

They say there are class lines drawn between the rich and the poor. The rich know how to get richer and keep the wealth within a certain group, whereas the poor have to work hard to get this valuable knowledge. What about class lines drawn between the fit and the feeble?

One of my good friends who lives in a far away city finally heeded my advice and hired a personal trainer. First thing he asked me was, "Why are these great exercises he showed me not in work out books and online routines?? Are they holding out on us?"

When you see different work out shows or buy different DVDs or go to your local gym and take a class, how come the stuff they show is way different from the exercises they show on documentaries and HBO specials following professional athletes? How come those athletes aren't doing the stuff you are doing? Why aren't they doing the crunches and the thigh adductor machine and doing jumping jacks and plain looking stupid sweating and crawling on the floor?

If the work outs you do or were taught to you were so good, why aren't people who have to make a living off of their bodies doing it? Better yet, why aren't you doing what THEY are doing? They can take any ridiculous work out routine and sell it to you as great by simply calling it a fat burning work out...

Athletes will never do any work out called a "fat burning work out." A work out is a work out, there are either good ones or bad ones. They won't walk into the local health club and gym to see how the common person is working out just as much as a billionaire won't walk into infomercial based real estate seminar to learn how to get rich. BUT MAYBE it's time you learned how an athlete trains and work out at a gym designed for athletes. This is the difference in my training. I want to show the common person how the world's best train.

About the Author:

Sam Y. is a Personal Trainer, Coach, Performane Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Enhancement Specialist, and holds multiple certifications. He is also an avid Martial Artist, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, and MMA. He is also the author of the popular fitness blog All Out Effort as well as the popular martial arts blog Inner BJJ. You can find him in the Los Angeles area personal training his clients, or at home annoying his wife, or on Facebook at his personal fitness page.
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