Monday, January 18, 2010

Add Spice To Your Work Outs

Have you tried adding some martial arts into your work outs? To keep it fresh and progressive, nothing is better functional training than the martial arts. I prefer movements from boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, MMA, and of course my favorite, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! I hold a purple belt in BJJ as well as a rank in Sambo, and years of experience in MMA and kickboxing and wrestling under my belt. I have noticed a trend.

Whatever the sport, be it basketball, football, or MMA, when they get into their athletic stance, it all looks the same!

They have some variation of a staggered lunge or squat with their hands in front of their chest. It looks like the thruster which I demonstrated in my previous post at the bottom of its movement. The reason is all power is generated through upward thrust or torque. So whether someone is shooting a wrestling shot, getting ready to tackle, or jump for a ball, it all looks about the same. Or someone throws a punch, throws a ball, or twists to pass a ball, it also looks the same.

These movements create for more athletic bodies than crunches or isolated body building exercises ever will! You want a strong core? Try generating some power from your core! So next time, add some punches and kicks to your work outs!
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